Life is Simple… or Maybe Not


We sometimes get this idea that life should be simple and most things we learn from the internet talk about the standards on how we all are supposed to live our lives in order to be considered successful. It’s like they’re only giving us binary choices either 0 or 1 and if you don’t choose the correct one then you won’t be successful. Easy as pie, right? Now you have a guide on how to be successful! Now all you have to do is remember everything and make sure to follow it at all times.

Life isn’t going to ask you to decide between two choices though unfortunately and something that has bugged me the past few months is the contradiction of the things I’ve learned and read from entrepreneurs and articles online. Like how we’re supposed to not care about what other people think about us but at the same time we should; Like how we should have the most humility and at the same time the most ego; and how we should create the environment where we are constantly helping people (for free if possible) but when you think about it that’s also being selfish since you’re the only one who gets this feeling of happiness when you help someone. Life isn’t simple; it’s not about simply making a choice and living that way the rest of your lives, but rather finding that right balance between two extremes and adjusting it depending on your situation.

I’m a big believer of perspective and how it’s the first step towards whatever it is that you want to do with your life. I’m constantly struggling with decisions in my life, but knowing that there’s no exact blueprint on how we’re supposed to live puts me at ease (you aren’t alone on this one) and pushes me towards being true to myself.


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